General Articles relating to Gatehouse

This section will contain a collection of articles about anything which is not covered by any of the main sections. 

  1. Here is a list of books and booklets about Gatehouse and District :
    Gatehouse Bibliography

  2. Here is a brief chronology of Gatehouse development :
    Gatehouse Chronology

  3. Transcription of an article in 'The Galloway News' in 1921 about Gatehouse 100 yrs earlier :
    Gatehouse in early 19th Century

  4. This is an interesting extract from a census record.

    1871 Girthon Census     Enumeration District 7  Page 1
                                          Surname               Forename(s)    Rel.         Mar.    Sex    Age     Occupation               Birthplace

    Enrick Farm               "Twist"                 "Oliver"          orphan                   m       12       scholar                      unknown

    The above entry is an extract from the 1871 Girthon Census.
    Living at Enrick farm, is a 12 year old orphan whose birthplace is unknown and whose name, provided in quotation marks, is given as “Oliver Twist”.
    He was living with farmer William Welsh, his wife Agnes, 5 children + 5 house and farm servants
    Nothing is known about the fate of this young lad.