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We have put together a note about where to look for local family history information.
Click on this link to have a look : DIY Family History Research.

Girthon old graveyard is at Girthon Kirk, and the Girthon Parish Graveyard is at the end of Memory Lane in Gatehouse.

Anwoth Old Kirk graveyard is at the clachan of Anwoth, and the Anwoth Parish Graveyard is by the modern (but now de-consecrated) church.

We have taken photographs of and transcribed all gravestones at all 4 of the above graveyards. We first transcribed the stones in these graveyards in 2007, and In doing so we made up our own numbering system. Since that time we have acquired a copy of the lair records (which are currently used by the local authority to grant use of graves in the future given that the necessary proof of ownership can be provided). The lair records had their own numbering system which we have subsequently adopted when we combined the lair information with the gravestone transcriptions. Since we first photographed these stones we know of at least two that have fallen over and broken since then and these are now unreadable.

The lair records and gravestone transcriptions are searchable. If you are not sure how to do this with your particular browser then check out "How to do Things on our Website" which is off the Main Menu.

We also have plans of the graveyards, If you have searched the lair records and transcriptions and you have found someone of relevance, then make a note of the grave number and check where it is in the relevant Graveyard Plan.

When you know where the grave is, then check the photo of that grave in the graveyard images web sheet. Note that there are many older graves which do not have a headstone.

The transcriptions from the 4 graveyards are accessible by clicking their names on tmenu to the left of here.


In addition to the above 4 graveyards, we are aware of at least 3 small private graveyards :

  1. The "McCulloch" private walled burial ground is adjacent to the new Anwoth graveyard. The stones there have been photographed and transcribed and they are included at the end of the new Anwoth graveyard section on
  2. A small but badly weathered graveyard at Kirkdale contain 47 stones, most of which relate to members of the "Rainsford / Hannay" families but some workers from the estate have also been commemorated. We have not yet had a chance to photograph these stones and the only reference we are aware of is an abbreviated transcription which was published in 1993 in a volume called "The Stewartry of Kirkcudbright Monumental Inscriptions pre 1855 volume 6" which was edited by Alison Mitchell and published by the Scottish Genealogical Society. [ISBN : 0901061 56 5].
  3. There is a single "Cliff-McCulloch" headstone on the hillside above Kirkclaugh House which is shown below.

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