Page last updated on: Thursday, 27 July, 2023
Old Postcards of Gatehouse
Postcards of old Gatehouse came into usage during the early years of the 20th Century. We have collected a few hundred of these and have presented scans of many of them here.
Below is the earliest use of a postcard in Gatehouse that we know of. It was sent from Anwoth Manse on 20th July 1901 and arrived at its destination in Montrose the following morning.

Here is a souvenir set of 10 old black and white postcards that was sold by Kirkpatrick, the Gatehouse newsagent.
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We have arranged our postcards into a number of different categories.

We would welcome comments if you think there are differences between some cards to which we might draw attention, particularly if we are showing a similar scene taken at different times. Help in dating the scenes depicted on cards would be most welcome.
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For a small town, the shops in Gatehouse have sold a large number of postcards. At the last count we had 475 different cards (and that excludes cards with multiple subjects).