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The Changing Face of Gatehouse

After 2 years of Covid limitations, the Galloway Preservation Society held their AGM at The Mill on the Fleet on Saturday 23rd April 2022. To mark this return to "normal" operations, Margaret agreed to give a talk which briefly charts the evolution of Gatehouse from its early beginnings and on into the 2020s.
Unfortunately Covid has still not gone away so a decision has been taken to convene a "hybrid" meeting with only a few attendees in person but with more viewing from afar via Zoom.
For the benefit of those who could not see the Zoom presentation very well but also for all those who couldn't get to Gatehouse on that day, we have created a couple of .pdf files which contain all the slides plus some of Margaret's words. Click on one of the opening slides :...

Slides only

Slides + Speaker's Notes


Gatehouse & District Timeline

Here is a timeline which shows "Significant dates in the Development of Gatehouse and District".

Booklets about Gatehouse

For a small place there have been a lot of publications and part-publications telling the story of Gatehouse. Many of the dates and other facts have been "handed down" without any formal record, so do be aware that some records may differ slightly from one source to another.
This document lists various documents that tell the story of Gatehouse.  "Gatehouse Bibliography". 

Various Gatehouse Stories

We reproduce below transcripts of some newspaper articles, guide books and pamphlets about Gatehouse, hoping that we are not in breach of any copyright laws.


"Galloway One Hundred Years Ago :
Burgh of Gatehouse

Galloway News article by James Affleck (16th Sept.)


Gatehouse Welcome Home Sale


W & A Campbell Coach Tours


Industrial Archaeology of Gatehouse-of-Fleet
y John Butt


The Gatehouse Experiment.
by Philip Mann


The Story of Gatehouse of Fleet
Mill on the Fleet publication


Wheels of Wood, Wheels of Iron
by Charlie Girdwood. About Gatehouse Mills.


As We Were, The Story
by Lyn Hampshire. Rutherford Hall.


Gatehouse Memories
Edited by George McCulloch. Millenium publication.


John Faed, The Gatehouse Years
by David Steel





Personal Memories

Gatehouse was estabished as a Burgh of Barony in 1795. We have a transcript of the charter under "Old Documents".

As part of the Bicentenary celebrations in 1995, the Community Council arranged for George McCulloch to edit a booklet which expressed peoples' feelings and memories about Gatehouse. This booklet was called "Gatehouse Memories" and we list it  under "Gatehouse Bibliography" on page "History of Gatehouse".

We have transcribed a copy of this document, as it reflects many of the reasons why we started this website, in order to record such feelings together with photographs. We have now gained approval of the Community Council to be able to include a copy here.

The booklet contains a sizeable amount of poetry, more of which we intent to include under "Poetry & Lyrics".

Click here to see the pdf file of "Gatehouse Memories"

We have also collected anecdotes from some of the more senior members of the Gatehouse community, both past and present. We intend to collate these and present them here for amusement. To be added later !


Various Old Guides and Accounts about Gatehouse


Stewartry Tourist Guide
by J H Maxwell, Editor of The Kirkcudbrightshire Advertiser newspaper.