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McMurray Collection - Buildings

Gatehouse from the North and East

Below is a set of 4 photos, of Gatehouse from the north-east, that were probably taken at about the same time. The 2nd photo shows an arrow pointing at the Girthon Parish Church which does not have the tower which was added in about 1896. William McMurray would have been only 14 in 1896, so maybe he didn't take the earliest of the photos himself.

1-12-16 :

1-8-01 : Gatehouse from the East. 2 mill ponds, Back Neilson not yet demolished, no Crosbie's garage + no tower at Girthon Church.

1-8-02 : Woodside Terrace houses all single storey (but 2 of the properties had dormer windows).

1-8B-09a : This picture shows the mill dam that was on the site of the recently demolished Crosbie's Garage. Back Neilson is on the left, then rear views of Neilson Square and Rosebank. 

3-47 : Toll House from across the north mill pond.



"The Cut"

4-16 : Lochlyoch

4-17 : Lochlyoch

5-18 : Lochlyoch

1-9-18a:     Braeside   (on "The Cut")



The Angel Hotel

1-1-15a :   The Angel Hotel.  The name of the proprietor is above the entrance - R B S Hannah

1-13-09 : Horse-drawn carriage at the Angel Hotel.

1-12-04 : The Angel Hotel has now been painted. The automobiles may well have been used to take passengers to the railway station at Dromore.

1-13-08a : Devil's Elbow & High Street, north side (opposite the Angel Hotel) - also known locally as "the red steps".

2-71 : This seems to be a photograph of a painting of Fleet Bridge looking up High Street.


The Birtwhistle Mills

FMF33a : Taken from the bridge over the Fleet. Note that the old mill (which latterly was used as a bobbin mill) is still intact with a roof, whilst the building which has now been restored as The Mill on the Fleet, is roofless.

2-44a : The old Birtwhistle Mill site.

2-45a : This is the water wheel that drove the machines in the old mill adjacent to the Mill on the Fleet. We believe that the man in the picture is John Bertram, who was the manager of the Bobbin Mill.


1-13-07a : Cally Stables.    Note the tandem bicycle.


1-13-01 : Ann Street workshop of Smith & Murray, joiners. Now The Bay Horse

1-13-05 : 37 Catherine Street. William McMurray's childhood home.

1-13-06 : Looking east along Catherine Street. Man on left is standing outside no.37.   Note the cottages on the right (foreground) which have since been demolished.


Various Properties around Gatehouse

1-8B-07 : Probably Burnfoot, Skyreburn

1-7-07 : Gaitgil

                                                                                      1-9-14 : At Barharrow     (ex DS)

1-10-10 : High Creoch   (ex DS)

                                                                                                   1-11-04 :

                                                                                                     1-11-08 :

1-13-11 : Stables Cottage, Cardoness (ex MH)

1-13-12 :Alderlea

2-51a :   Mitchell family at Rutherford Cottage   (ex DS)

2-76 : Cushat Wood   (ex DS)

2-42 : Is this the Enrick Copper Mine ?


Rusko Bridge

The next 2 photos show 2 generations of the bridge over the Fleet at Rusko - the "old" one and the "new" one (built 1925).


top photo is 2-132, lower one is 4-24