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02. From the front.      Note the horse and cart at the entrance driveway. There are also 2 people sitting on the wall in front of the church.




05. The separate building on the right is the Maxwell Mausoleum.

06. The walls of the church are overgrown with ivy. At the bottom right of this picture is a unevenly balance table memorial stone. Behind this is another table stone surrounded by railings. This stone is depicted below.

07. Here lyes John Bell of Whitesyde who was barborously shot to death in the paroch of Tongland at the command of Grier of Lag anno 1685. This monument shall tell posterity that Blessed Bell of Whytesyde here doth ly. Who at command of Bloody Lag was shot, a murder strange which should not be forgot. Douglas of Morton did him quarters give, but cruel Lag would not let him survive. This martyre sought some time to recomend his soul to God befor his dayes did end. The tyrant said what devl ye've pray'd enough this long seven yeare on mountains and in Cleugh so instantly caus'd him with other four, be shot to death upon Kirconnel Moor. Thus did end the lives of these deare saints for their adherence to the Covenants :

08. Stone memorials inside the church.                                               09. This bell was tused at the time of Samuel Rutherford ..

10. From the rear.

From the rear.

12. The title of this postcard is "Rutherford Country". The white rectangles centre right is the new graveyard wall.


13. Anwoth Parish Church was opened in 1826.




15. Note the spelling of "Anworth". The building at Anworth which is now called "Bush o'Bield" is in a different location to that pictured on this postcard.


16. The monument was erected in 1842.



18. Possibly taken from High Ardwall.




20. Woodend is the cottage in the right foreground. The Cottage Hospital is in the distance.


21. Nearby Anwoth Wood (may now be part of Killiegowan Wood).