Page last updated on: Sunday, 17 December, 2017.

Before we developed this website (, we helped to populate the place names part of ''

That website contains references to all place names in Kirkcudbrightshire, on a parish by parish basis, which appeared in the 1851 census or the first detailed maps of the area which were published around 1854.

The data is searchable and has many map references, with links to maps which show the location of each name on old and modern maps. Some place names have links to associated photographs. 

We contributed to the names for Girthon and Anwoth which can be found at

This is a great source of information but it has 2 weaknesses when related to our needs at Gatehouse :

1. Using only these source documents meant that names within the town of Gatehouse are very sparse
2. More modern names are not included was developed by our friend Jim Bell and it also contains a range of other information which would be useful for local historians or genealogists, such as statistical accounts, newspaper articles, some marriage & death notices from old newspapers, as well as old postcards.

Jim Bell also developed and manages a website called   This contains photos and transcriptions for all graves in 9 graveyards throught Kirkcudbrighshire inc Borgue and Twynholm which are closely associated with Gatehouse.

Jim also owns a website called '' which has a wealth of information about the history of the Royal Burgh of Kirkcudbright. Under Genealogy on this website is information about the Poor House, which is relevant as this also served the parishes of Girthon and Anwoth.