Page last updated on: Sunday, 2 August, 2020.

Farms & Field Names

Between 2010 and 2012 we were given access to maps of a number of farms in Girthon. These quoted field names as well as a number of small buildings within these fields.
These could be very useful to any genealogist or local historian whose is researching farming families who might have worked or even lived in these fields.
This may be of particular relevance where a small farm has been incorporated into a bigger one, and in this situation the field often retains the name of the old farm.

We transcribed the detail from these maps with the intention of adding a dialogue about them. This dialogue has remained on the "to do list", but we thought that we ought to make the maps public and add the dialogue later. Our friend Alan James has started to provide linguistic origins for some of these names and we hope to add these to our website in due course.

Here is a map which identifies and names fields in the farms of Low Barlay and Low Creoch.

Here is a map of  [N.B. some of the detail still needs to be checked on this map].

This is a map of Cally Mains and Cally Park.   

This is a map of Disdow Farm with field names & explanation by Alan James.