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Drama Club members 1948-49
Is this the same group as in the next 2 photos ?
William McMurray, Mr Lawson, Mrs Lawson, Ralph Stark, Molly Cochrane, Greta Stark & Anna McKay.

Same group as above.The Hoose o' the Hill"  - Tom McGaw in middle.

Tom McGaw as Harry Lauder


1950s Play at the Town Hall

Back Row L to R :Ken Robson, Leo McClymont, Ethel Gordon, Jeannie McKill, Agnes Grieve, Letitia Henry, Mrs Jim Campbell, Mrs Davie Murray, Maggie Graham, John Trainer
Front Row L to R  Elsie Proudlock, Irene McInally, Margaret Davidson, Margaret Grieve, Margaret McInally, Nancy Hunter, May White, Ellen Grieve, Mrs Cameron, May Gallacher, Winnie Stenhouse, Alistair Sinclair

late 1950s Nativity Play

Performed in the Old Town Hall by the Gatehouse Junior Choir
1.  Jean Cluett   2.  Margaret Hunter   3.  Roberta Montgomery (?)   4.  Margaret A Duff   5.  Jean McKie    6.  Mrs Jean McKenzie   7.  Marion Russell   8.  Allan Hughes (?)   9.  Fiona Crosbie   10.  Barbara Sinclair   11.  Eileen McLellan   12.  Yvonne Crosbie    13.  Aileen Riddick      14.  Jacqueline McKenzie      15.  Patricia Campbell   16.  Jacqueline McCoull (?)      17.  Mrs Mona Stewart   18. Maud Montgomery      19.  Violet Cox      20.  Anne Cluett

1960s Nativity Play ?

Was it organised by Gatehouse School or a Sunday School ? When was it ?

4. Shona Master   5. Jane Waddell   6. Angela Lamont   8. Jane Milligan   12. Corinne Harper   17. Vivien Mackay   20. Anne Milligan   38. Olivia Mackay   39. Veronica McKenzie   42. Gill Waddell