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Murray Family Papers

The Murray Family Papers seem to all have reference numbers that begin "GD 10 ".
It is likely that all the original documents were handwritten. Sometime in the 1970s a number of these documents were transcribed and typed onto double-sided fullscap paper using an old manual typewriter.

We have acquired a number of these typed transcriptions which we have scanned, put through an optical character recognition program and then manually checked for transcription errors.

Click on a reference number to download a .pdf file which is a typed transcription of the contents.
If you come across errors please consider sending us an email so that we can correct it. Thanks in advance.

Here is an index to the catalogue of the various categories of documents that exist in the National Archives.


GD 10 543

1729.   Alexander Murray petition for funds to build bridge across River Fleet.

GD 10 884

1787.   Abstract of Mr Murrays Annual outgoing and his yearly Income in Scotland 19th July 1787.

GD 10 1016

1708.   Contract for Adam Miller to maintain houses at Plunton, Cally & Broughton.

GD 10 1032

1715.   Lease of Plunton Lennox inc. Plunton Castle

GD 10 1040

1717.   Statement that 'The Big House' in Gatehouse wa tenantable.

GD 10 1053

1734.   Estimated bill to repair the 'big house' currently occupied by the family of William Milligan, deceased.

GD 10 1086

1759.   Tacks of Parks of Cally 1759 onwards.

GD 10 1087

1761.   Trespassing on Parks of Cally.

GD 10 1091

1775.   Memo by James Murray re Management of his Estate During his Absence

GD 10 1188

1760.   No. & sizes of windows needed for Cally House.

GD 10 1189

1789.   Account for carrying stone to 'The Temple'.

GD 10 1253

1763.   'Tack' agreement between James Murray & William Johnstone for 38 years.

GD 10 1261

1766.   Estimated cost of the 'New Inn' at Gatehouse.

GD 10 1263

1773.   Letter from John Syme to Postmaster General for Scotland about siting of post office in Gatehouse.

GD 10 1264

1779.   Insurance for 'Inn at Gatehouse'.

GD 10 1265

1784.   Tack James Murray & John Hunter, baker for 15+ years. re 2 fields near Boatgreen.

GD 10 1425a

1769 - 1772   Rental of Estate.
Summary of land / farm rents in Girthon, Gatehouse & Anwoth

GD 10 1425b

1769 - 1772   Rental of Estate.
Summary of land / farm rents in Tongland, Twynholm, Rerrick, Borgue, Whithorn & Sorbie.

GD 10  - - - -

1794.   Minute of Lett of the Mills of Barlay