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In the early years of the 20th Century, William McMurray, a postman in Gatehouse, took a large number of photographs of people and places around Gatehouse. They were kept on glass photographic plates. When his daughter died in 2012, these plates were amongst the possessions that were found in her house. There were about 730 plates and these are now kept in the Stewartry Museum in Kirkcudbright. During the latter part of 2013 Ken Smyth, of the Gatehouse Development Initiative, photographed many of these plates such that they are now available in digital format.

We have been given access to these slides and as with many early photographs they come without annotation and we hope that by displaying a selection of these on our website, maybe someone will recognise someone or something. If anyone can help with this recognition process we would be very pleased to hear from you - email us on . We hope to include name suggestions with each photo as we receive them, in order to jog other peoples' memories. So even if you are not sure, please let us know about someone who you 'think' you can recognise.

Underneath each picture is a numeric code, followed by any comments that we may have received about the photo. The numeric code is a file name - when providing us with any information, please quote this file name, and the heading for the group of photos that it comes from. Thanks in anticipation.

Note that the banner at the top of this page says "Gatehouse, N.B." .  N.B. stands for North Britain, a term often used when referring to northern England and Scotland. The banner is taken from one of William McMurray's framed photographs.

William McMurray and wife Jane Aird.  In his later years William was the Registrar for Girthon & Anwoth.