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McMurray Photos - People to Identify 1

If you recognise any of the subjects, please email us. Below each picture is a  filename and our email ID is on our Home page.

2 separate photos of ladies on the same chair, who are they ?

1-4-07a : 

1-1-13a :

Are these 2 photos of the same person - is he a gamekeeper ? 1-11-16a :

1-12-07a : 

3-81a : 

5-71a : 

3-105a :

1-1-09a :  

2-111a : 

3-56a :  

1-2-08a : 

5-70a : 

1-6-11a :  Lydia & Thomas Dalrymple    (ex Jennifer Barclay) 

3-67a :

1-6-16a : William Davidson (Carrick fisherman) & wife Margaret McLean 

 4-92a :

2-86a :

 2-120a : 

1-8-11a : Gate at Barchuill, Memory Lane  

  3-13a : Do you recognise the place ? Might the photo be reversed ?

1-10-08a : 

  2-88a :

 2-65a :  Dolly McMurray c.1950  (ex MEMC) 

  3-117a : Rev. John Stewart, Girthon Minister 1901-1937 (ex DS)

1-1-05a : Two men on a bench, but who ?

1-1-18a : What is this group ?    The men in the middle seem to be wearing round badges.

1-3-11a :  

1-4-04b : 

1-7-11a : In the Digby Street Smithy.        Bob McDonald, John McDonald, James Hunter, Alex McDonald & John McMurray.      After use as a smithy, this building was a store for plumber George Holmes. It has now been rebuilt as a holiday home.

1-5-05a :

                              2-89a : The McMillan sisters (probably in the garden of Fleetbank).    Left to Right standing are :                             Mary, Margaret, Agnes, Nicholas & Jessie.    Seated is their mother Margaret (nee Brown).       [thanks to Steve Rowe]

2-143a : Same family as 2-89a above: The lady who is seated is Margaret McMillan (granny). The 2 girls to the right of her are Jessie & Margaret McKellar (daughters of Agnes McMillan, standing 3rd from right). The babies in the back row are Bill & Jim Davidson, twin sons of Jessie McMillan. Bill is being held by Margaret McMillan and Jim is held by his mother, Jessie Davidson (nee McMillan).          [info from Steve Rowe].

3-97a :  David McMurray is on the right.   (ex MEMC)