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McMurray Photos - People to Identify 2

If you recognise any of the subjects, please email us. Below each picture is a  filename and our email ID is on our Home page.


1-4-03a :

1-4-13a :


1-4-06a : Robert A and Agnes Mitchell & family c.1904 
Robert (Bob), Margaret (Meg), Mary J (Maimie)
& Frances (Fanny) kneeling.

1-4-09a :


1-4-12a : Taken at Garden Cottage, Cardoness  (ex MH)

2-113a : outside Dalmalin Lodge (ex Rozanne Macpherson)

2-119a :

1-8-06a :

3-61a :

3-130a :

5-04a :

6-08a :

6-09a : Dougan family at Cauldside, Skyreburn.  Back row :  Sarah Dougan, unknown, unknown, James Dougan, Mary Dougan (nee Dorian), Helen Jane Dougan.   Front row :  unknown, Marion Ferguson Dougan, Agnes Dougan, Jemima Elizabeth Douigan,  Margaret Dougan.

2-10a :

2-28a : Is this Andrew Veitch & his wife ?  (ex DS)

3-53a : John Reid (the man from the Prudential !) and his family, at 8 Fleet Street    (ex DS).

1-9-23a :

5-85a :

5-06a :The small picture on the right shows a roof which may help to identify where this picture was taken.

1-8B-11a :  Dr. James Nichol & Mrs Margaret Cox with daughters Margaret & Janette at Woodlyn    (ex MAW & MEMC)

1-11-17a :

1-13-02a : Believed to be at Loch Whinyeon.      (ex DS)

2-03a : Crosbie Family of No.1 Ann Street         Standing L to R : William Crosbie jnr, William Crosbie snr, Jessie Mary Crosbie, a visitor from Australia, Jay Crosbie.          Seated L to R: George Crosbie, a visitor from Australia, Margaret (Peg) Crosbie, Jack Crosbie, Hannah Crosbie, Nick Crosbie, Emma Crosbie, Christopher Crosbie.                                          N.B. this photo was originally shown here reversed L to R.              Many thanks to Mike Rogers for naming this family.

2-05a : Barharrow.      (ex DS)

              2-63a  The Tait family :  Probably taken from the back garden of No.16 High Street.
At the back are Thomas, Evelyn & Jack and mum & dad are Robert & Elizabeth.    (ex FMF)

4-76a :

4-80a : Girl on R. is Jess Dalrymple who later married Walter Davidson (ex Jennifer Barclay).

4-108a :

5:35a : McMichael Family : Standing (L to R) Janet L (b.1889), Hugh I (b.1900), James C (b.1894), Mary J (b.1892).
Seated (L to R) James (b.1854), John (b.1904), Margaret L (b.1863).  (ex John's son Peter McMichael).

5-51a : at Cottage Hospital, Anwoth

5-57a :

5-58a :

5-69a :