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Late 1940s / Early 1950s


1953 Queen's Coronation



1977 Queen's Silver Jubilee



1995 Gatehouse Bi-Centenary

2000 High Street Businesses

2000 Gatehouse Tradespeople


2002 Queen's Golden Jubilee


We have had problems deciding how to arrange pictorial information within our website.

After several re-incarnations we have decided on the following :

Postcards and Photos will be kept separate and, in general, photos will be divided into People or Places.

The sizeable set of photos taken in the early 20th century by William McMurray will be kept together until each can be gradually integrated elsewhere within a suitable category.

School photos will be kept together in one of 3 categories - class photos, sports teams, other school groups inc. music & plays etc.

Adult Sports teams will be presented for each sport.

Gatehouse Galas result in lots of photos which are kept under Gala.

Other Clubs & Societies will also be kept together.

All other photos of people will be put into a chronological order as closely as possible. They will be generally grouped by decade, but special events like Coronation, Silver & Golden Jubilees and Gatehouse Bicentenary will be part of this chronology.

There are 4 main categories - Gatehouse Burgh, other parts of Girthon, other parts of Anwoth, and other nearby places
These same categories have been used for Postcards.