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In 1795 Gatehouse was granted the status of a “Burgh of Barony”.

This effectively meant that it had the status of a town and that hiring and firing fairs could be held for farm workers.
The bicentenary was marked in 1995 with a number of separate events :-

  1. Commemorative booklets
  2. Bicentenary Bridge
  3. Community Art Project
  4. Tapestry
  5. Lunch at Murray Arms
  6. Tea Party at Community Centre

Stories & poems etc. published by the Community Council.
We hope to get approval to include a copy of this booklet here.


Old photographs and postcards.

Still available in secondhand bookshops and on eBay.


A footbridge across the Fleet from the Mill grounds to Burgher Park.

John McCormick and Jack Pickthall made the piers for the Bicentenary Bridge (June 1995)

Installation of the Bicentenary Bridge in 1995


Organised by Jeremy Carlisle and Brian Arneill. Photographed by Geoff Keating.

"Gatehouse View with Statues"     John Faed (1818 - 1902)

Originally the backdrop for the Town Hall stage, now hanging in the Dining Room of Gatehouse School.
                           (since this was written in 1995 the painting has been moved to the Faed Gallery at the Mill on the Fleet.

Gatehouse in 1995

The view painted on June 24th 1995

The Work Place :

by the bridge over the River Fleet.

The First Brushful of Paint

by James Murray Usher

The Second ....

by Mrs Ruby Murray Usher

Next came the Young Artists

And the not so young ....

The Town Crier

Mrs Jane McGivern

The Men in Charge

Jeremy Carlisle (right) and Brian Arneill (centre) with another local artist.

The Presentation.

l-r : Brian Arneill (artist), Howard McLean (headmaster), Jane McGivern (Town Crier), Liz Niven (representing the Gulbekian Foundation), Jenny Wilson (Dumfries and Galloway Arts Association), James Murray Usher (Chairman Bicentary Committee), Lilian Dent (Bicentenary Committee), Helen Keating (Secretary Bicentenary Committee), Jeremy Carlisle (artist).

The Contributors

Photographs by Geoffrey Keating.


 Each section was made by a different volunteer.

Arranged for all those who had ancestors who lived in Gatehouse up to 200 years ago.

Eddie Bryan,   Bobby & Helen Campbell,   Kathy & Jack Patterson, J & M McIlwraith, Elsie Hamilton.
bottom right is Willie Bryan

July 1995

Margaret McNicol (née Grieve),   May Gallacher (née Johnstone),   Rita Holmes (née McMurray),
Janet Ruxton (née Sharp),   Jean Fergusson (née McMurray)

Audrey Crosbie,   Billy Craig,   Andrew Wolffe,   Jean Barrowman (née McGaw),
Jean Murray (née Gilmour),   Pat McKinna (née Hannah),   Margaret Milligan (née Shaw)