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Scouting is all about
1. Teaching young people about enjoying the outdoor life and fresh air.
2. Setting challenges to achieve things that might not happen elsewhere.
3. Engendering comradeship, team-playing and sportsmanship.

Gatehouse Scouts


Special Events Badges


Scouting originated in the UK in 1907 as a result of the efforts of Lord Robert Baden-Powell. In 1910 The Boy Scouts Association was formed, and this was formally incorporated by royal charter in 1912.

The earliest Scout Groups in Scotland were set up in or around Glasgow in 1907 or 1908.

According to William McMurray of Skyreburn, the first Scout Troop in Gatehouse was set up  in 1929.      See his brief notes about the 1st 8 years.

Gatehouse Scouts were officially registered with the Scottish Scouts on 25th Jan 1932.     Here is a copy of the registration form.

Jack Stewart, a former International Commissioner for Scotland, founded the Blair Atholl International Jamborette in 1946 and this has been held every two years since that date, attended by representatives of more than 50 countries. The 25th anniversary, after 50 years was celebrated in 1996.



Below are a number of links to .pdf files which contain photographs relating to different aspects of scouting in Gatehouse, some of which are dated. If anyone can put names and/or dates to faces or events please contact us by email at  Graham and Margaret   

John Russell's history of Gatehouse Scouts - John Russell's 2-volume history of Gatehouse and District was published in 2003 and contains a brief history of Gatehouse Scouts. This history is reproduced here.

John Russell's Scouts History

John Russell's history of Gatehouse Guides - John Russell's 2-volume history of Gatehouse and District was published in 2003 and contains a brief history of Gatehouse Guides. This history is reproduced here.

John Russell's Guides History

1939-44 Cally House Scouts - during the 2nd World War, students of secondary school age were evacuated from Glasgow and spent the war years receiving their schooling at the Cally Hotel in Gatehouse.

Cally House Scouts

1959 Scouts Pantomome : Aladdin


1960s Scouts and Guides

1960s Parades

1977 Extension of Scout Hall in Digby Street

1977 Scout Hall

1980 to 1984 general photos

early 1980s

1985 to 1989 general photos

late 1980s

1989 Abseiling from Big Water of Fleet Viaduct

1989 Abseiling

1990 to 1994 general photos

early 1990s

1992 Channel Islands Expedition

1992 Channel Isles

1992 Gatehouse Scouts 60th Anniversary

60th Anniversary

1995 Gatehouse Bi-Centenary


1995 Princess Anne visits Gatehouse

1995 Princess Royal

1995 to 1999 Kirkdale Port Projects 

Kirkdale Port Projects


Millenium tea towel

2000s general photos


2002 visit of Chief Scout

2002 Chief Scout

2007 Scouting Centenary

2007 Centenary

Camps, Fires & Cooking

Camps etc.

Cub Scouts




Leaders -  general photos


Nigel Scott  Scout Leader & District Commissioner

Nigel Scott

Scouting Adventures



Scouting Memories
Leo McClymont David Gray      

If you have a scouting story you want to share, please email us and we will endeavour to add it here. Graham & Margaret Wright