When the Gatehouse Community Centre was refurbished in 2010, one of the old school classrooms was earmarked for use as a snooker room.

Willie McKie was instrumental in starting the Snooker Club and was its chairman from 2010 until his death in April 2018.     Here is our tribute to Willie

Today, Sunday 15th December 2019, I learned that Willie's great friend Dennis Coombes died on Thursday 12th December. Dennis spearheaded the new cricket pavilion and was a keen supporter of the Snooker Club. We will miss him and wish his family well.

Potential new members

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2020 Billiards Handicap Competition

Latest Scores

Last  updated on: Monday, 2 March, 2020.


The league table phase of the competition is now complete.
The semi-final line-up pitches Nick against Ian and Pete against Stuart.

I must apologise for a mistake that I made in putting together the rules this year. 2 years ago we played single games between the competitors in the semi-finals and the final was on a best-of-3 basis. Last year we changed the rules such that semi-finals and final were all on a best-of-3 basis, and this was meant to be the format every year going forward . For some reason I must have  based this years competition on the rules for 2 years ago by mistake.

So if Nick, Pete, Stuart and Ian are all in agreement I would like both semis and final to be on a best-of-3 basis.
Just a reminder that the club funds both semis and final. Cheers !

2019 Snooker Handicap Competition

Latest Scores

Last updated on: Monday, 27 January, 2020.


The  semi-finals were between Colin Thorne and John Morton whilst Pete Haslam played Graham Wright

Pete Haslam qualified for the final on 3 Dec by beating Graham Wright 2 frames to nil
On 13th Dec,John Morton beat Colin Thorne by 2 frames to 1, the last 2 frames going to John in black ball frames.

On 13th January Pete beat John by 3 frames to nil in the final.

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When the snooker club first started we experimented with an annual ladder competition. Then we introduced handicaps that have been refined each year. In the snooker handicap competitions, the player with the highest handicap starts with the difference in handicaps between the two players, whilst his opponent starts from zero. In the billiards competitions (which are only played on a handicap basis) we have always played such that the first to 125 points wins. Since 2017, players in the billiards games have each started from their handicap level (to avoid games lasting too long !).

The 2019 match between Gatehouse and Kirkcudbright resulted in a draw, so Kirkcudbright retained the Selkirk Shield. As usual the match was played in a very friendly spirit. On behalf of the Kirkcudbright team, Paul Tebay received the Selkirk Shield from Douglas McDavid chairman of Gatehouse Snooker Club.

we hope to have a photograph of players from both teams

Our next match against Kirkcudbright is on Sunday 6th December 2020

Our next AGM is on Tuesday 21st January 2020 at 7:30pm


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